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Storm Damage Emergency Generator Permitting

August 11, 2020

The Linn County Public Health (Linn County) is providing air quality construction and registration permit enforcement discretion in recognition of the extraordinary circumstances facing the county following the storm damage from the August 10, 2020 straight-line winds.  Linn County staff are currently unavailable to process permit applications.  In order to facilitate the speedy installation and operation of emergency generators to aid in the recovery efforts, facilities wishing to take advantage of this enforcement discretion should download and complete the attached certification.  The criteria by which the certification is applicable are:

  1. The emergency generator cannot be subject to the Prevention of Significant Deterioration (PSD) program requirements; 
  2. The applicant has submitted a construction or registration permit application, per LCCO Sec. 10-58(b) and (c);
  3. Any required modeling has been completed and submitted alongside the permit application and there are no predicted exceedances of the NAAQS; 
  4. The applicant must assume any liability for construction conducted on a source before the permit is issued;
  5. The applicant must keep sufficient records to demonstrate compliance with emission limits and operating conditions proposed in the permit application; 
  6. The applicant is required to comply with all applicable federal regulations, including notifications and reporting;
  7. The applicant will be required to make any modifications to the source imposed by the issued construction or registration permit; 
  8. The applicant shall notify Linn County of the date of construction and operation for each generator; and 
  9. The applicant must sign and submit the attached certification statement. 

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