Linn County Air Quality Division
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New Construction Permit Format and New/Udpated Forms

April 01, 2016

 New Permit Format
Beginning Monday, April 4, 2016 air quality construction permits will be issued on the new permit format. This excludes permits that were already reviewed by the facility or in the process of being drafted which will still be issued on the old format. This format follows DNR’s recently adopted permit format through a LEAN event in December 2015. The format is the basis for the final construction permits issued by Linn County. The permit format has been rearranged and reformatted to shorten the length, conform to current practices and to highlight important requirements.

A summary of Linn County’s proposed changes includes:
• Move general conditions to the back of the permit.
• Adding a table to the NSPS and NESHAP section.
• Combining the Operating Limits and Operating Condition Monitoring and Recordkeeping sections.
• Added contact person email address to the permit cover page.
• Added requirement to submit Start of Construction and Startup Notice in Notification, Reporting, and Recordkeeping section
• Eliminated Control Equipment section

Start of Construction / Startup Notice

For all new permits issued in the new permit format, companies will be required to submit notice when construction begins and subsequently a startup notice. This form allows facilities permitting equipment subject to Federal New Source Performance Standards, or National Emission Standards for Hazardous Air Pollutants to comply more easily with the notification requirements of Subpart A, General Provisions of each respective regulations. Additionally, it allows the Department to better track compliance with any source testing deadlines established in section 2 (Compliance Demonstration(s)).

Updated CP and PTO Application Forms

The CP form was updated to provide facilities the option to request a project to be permitted under a Collection of Air Permits (CAP) permit which combines the requirements and conditions for multiple emission points into a single permit document. Information pertaining to this option is available on DNR’s website.

The PTO form was updated to align with the other permit application forms format, capture more relevant information and provides additional guidance on the appropriate fees due on the instructions page based on: 1) date installation is complete/stack test is completed, 2) ownership changes, and 3) “as-built” or sources already constructed prior to obtaining a construction permit.

The Start of Construction / Startup Notice, CP and PTO forms, in addition to the Complete Application packets are available for download on the following website: