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Operating Permits (PTO & Title V)

Before the expiration date of the Authorization to Install permit, a Permit to Operate must be obtained. Sources are generally authorized to operate under the ATI until the PTO is issued by the department. The Permit to Operate must be renewed annually. Facilities that currently hold a PTO are issued a notice of renewal in August of each year.

For major sources of emissions, the Federal Title V Operating Permit Program applies. Linn County administers the permitting and enforcement process for the Iowa DNR. However, the Iowa DNR issues all Title V Permits in Linn County and therefore all rules, policies, and application materials issued by the Iowa DNR are used.

Permit to Operate

  • PTO Application Form **See Related Items Below**  Updated 7/13
  • PTO Fee Lookup Table (Prorated for new sources) (XLS File) **See Related Items Below** Updated 7/13
  • Iowa DNR Sample 12-month rolling period calculations (DOC File | PDF File)
  • EPA 12-month rolling period calculations (PDF File)
  • 2005-02 Records Review Policy (DOC File | PDF File)
  • Country Grain Elevator Annual Report Form (DOC File | PDF File)
  • Spray Paint Usage Annual Report Form (DOC FilePDF File)
  • Daily Spray Paint Usage/Exhaust Filter Replacement Spreadsheet (XLS File

Title V Operating Permit

 Iowa DNR Title V Operating Permit Program Website

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